Thursday, August 19

Crazy Card Clubs

I have so many amazing friends! And most of them are as crazy as I am!! We all love to stamp and have been making cards and fun projects for eons now… some longer than others. That’s what’s great about friendships… they grow and sprout often… just like a garden, we affect each other, we grow together, we share our roots.. and after years of being together we even begin to look like each other!! OK maybe not… but we do love to imitate each other’s cards… after all immitation is the best form of flattery, right??

I’ve been “swapping” cards now with several of my friends… right now I’m in two different monthly groups; one The Crazy Card Club and the other The Sisterhood of the Travelling Card Swaps! I just wanted to take a moment to thank them all for putting up with me and also for allowing me to “show off their work” throughout my blogs.. Between my Card Clubs and my TV Swaps, you know who you are…. Evie, Carol, Mary, Pam, Shelly, Deb, Colleen, Ruth, Wanda, Judee, Jennifer, Margie, Chris, Kendra, Rhoda, Lindsey, Mireya, Patrice, Deb, Candace, Sandra, Lori, Janice, Carey… just to name a few!

So with their permission, here are just a few of the cards I’ve received over the years from my card swappers… I’ll be sharing more as we blog along.. but here’s a taste for now:

Thus why I love the expression.. Keep those cards and letters coming in!

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