Sunday, August 22

Showered with Love

Before Brayden was born, Holly was given several Baby Showers by her mom and friends and co-workers and neighbors and more friends and more co-workers… they are loved by so many!!

Brayden’s room is painted Navy Blue with white accents. Along with his Winnie the Pooh d├ęcor, he has “stars and moon” glow in the dark on his ceiling. I helped Holly decorate the bedroom walls with some vinyl rub-on’s of a few darling sheep jumping over a fence with the words Good Night Sleep Tight near  his crib. We also put another vinyl on an adjacent wall that has stars around the words “Always Kiss Me Goodnight”…. Too cute!

So back in the Spring when Holly's mom had her baby shower, I made some Baby Boxes for Brayden along with some baby announcements and thank you cards. 

Here are pictures of the outside decor and inside contents of each... of course the stars and moon on one with "Got Milk" outfit.  The second has the baby stick figure with two dogs and two cats.. a pretty accurate representation of their own pets, along with the  ABC and 123..  Inside that box was the Thank You note cards. Then the last box has Brayden's initials on it along with hand and feet prints along with some dangling diaper pins..... and inside the "I'm Here" Baby Announcements.

They were so fun to make and as he gets older he can use them to store his treasures … like frogs and snails and puppy dog tails.. .right?

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