Tuesday, August 24

A Smile from God

Don’t ya love nature? To me that’s just God’s way of showing himself to us.. in the beauty around us… from the beaches to the mountains, from the flowers to the trees… and to watch the sunset at the beach.. now that’s one of my very favorite things to do. And yes he shows himself in the hard times too, in the floods and earthquakes and tornados....  after all Our God is an Awesome God.

But for today I just want to encourage you to stop and smell the roses, to watch a sunset or stand in a rainstorm… listen to the birds chrip or the crickets sing… feel the sun on your face or the breeze through your hair… no matter what’s going on in your neck of the woods.. just enjoy it. Psalms 18:35 says God stoops down to make me great…. Guess that’s just what I’m feeling today.

I found this picture in one of the emails someone sends around every so often… couldn’t help but smile. Hope you do too… so here’s a smile from God....

.... hope you're smiling back at him.

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