Wednesday, August 18

Lazy Days of Summer

What was I thinking???…. That we were going to avoid the hot summer days in Poway??? Guess what… it’s hot. Summer is officially here at last…. I know back East it’s been hot for weeks. Mid West has had more than it’s share of high temps too… so finally California has caught up…. Poway hit mid 90’s yesterday… and I have a feeling it’s just begun.

So how to you spell relief? Air Conditioning and the Beach!!! Brayden’s learning young…. if this picture of him doesn’t reflect the lazy days of summer… nothin’ will… he’s kicking back with Cody and I’m not sure who’s most relaxed… ahhhh, a dog’s life… er uh I mean a baby’s life!!

The first part of August Holly and Brayden flew back to Florida to spend time with her folks for a week of sunshine and relaxation…. So Brayden not only learned to swim in their pool (amazing!), but they made a few trips to the beach too…. Grandfather Don is showing Brayden a great time (check out the beautiful Florida ocean water behind them)… and Grandma Darleen has Brayden decked out in the cutest beach hat I’ve ever seen…

Isn’t he the coolest dude you’ve ever laid your eyes on????

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