Friday, August 13

Fantastic Fridays..... Fantastic Friend

Not sure why, but I always consider Fridays the “first day of the weekend”… even though I have to go to work, it’s just more fun somehow.. do you guys agree? Seems at work we all dress more casual, eat more junk food, tell more stories….maybe it’s our love of leisure thus the anticipation of time spent really doing what we love most., mind you that I do enjoy my work, but weekends are a time of rest and relaxation.

For most of us that is… but for Jerry my husband his weekends are jam-packed full of work around the house. Throughout our nearly 40 years of marriage (next March we’ll cross that occasion), he’s always had something going. In our early years, he rebuilt cars and engines; my favorite was an old ’69 VW Beetle .. gosh I loved that car. We started desert camping nearly the day we got married, so his hobby then too was working on motorcycles and three-wheelers. He’s always had a garden growing; landscaping projects including building water fountains and fish ponds, brick walkways and flower boxes. He loves geraniums and gardenias so you can usually find them somewhere in the yard all the time… or even around his corn stalks and grape vines. I’ll save the tomato story for another day.

In the mid-80s we bought some land and you guessed it.. built our own home… well he nearly did at least. I think that really is when Jerry started his love of woodworking. Since then he’s also built two garages, one of which is two-story barn style with his woodshop on the top floor, he’s built patios.. several of them. He got into making clocks which, for several years, was the coveted Christmas gift in the family (grandfather clocks, mantle clocks, kitchen clocks, stained glass closed, even a saw blade clock ~ kinda like the Shrimp boat captain in Forrest Gump!). Since then he’s progressed into cabinets and desks and shelving and birdhouses and even shelving units for all my stamping stuff… he’s my hero!

One of his most recent projects was something he made for our “to-be grandson”. While Holly was pregnant, Jerry took a class at Palomar College one day a week… and at the end of his “nine months” produced what he calls a “toybox”.. what most of us call is more a “treasure box”.. it’s a beautiful piece of furniture that Brayden will have for his entire life.

So honey, I just wanted to tell you how much I love you and appreciate every single speck of sawdust you've shaved, boards your plained, and planks you've stained. I just now decided I’m dedicating my Friday Blogs to you.. on these Fantastic Fridays for my Fantastic Friend. xoxoxoxo



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