Friday, August 20

Dedicated to the One I Love

Don’t ya love those Oldies but Goodies songs??… ok so I’m dating myself here… but we do love the ‘50s music… I’m amazed that Jerry can name so many of the songs… along with their artists. I’m not that good.. I can recognize the song, but to name it... now that’s a bit harder…. Peggy Sue starts to play and he knows immediately it’s Buddy Hollie, Chantilly Lace and it’s Big Bopper, Sweet Little Sixteen with Chuck Berry, Wake Up Little Suzie ah yes the Everly Brothers; Poison Ivy and it’s the Coasters, Lucille and it’s Little Richard and everyone knows Jerry Lee Lewis sings Great Balls of Fire!

Several years ago for Christmas, Allen bought Jerry an XM radio and subscription… that was one of the best gifts ever. He can take it and listen where ever he goes, down to the garage when’s he’s working in his woodshop, out to the patio while he’s mowing the lawn, in his office while he’s pushing papers…. plus now in his truck he has XM radio too.. no commercials and all channels dedicated to various eras and styles of music… so of course the dial is nearly glued on the 50s… and that’s ok with me.

So last Saturday night we went down to Campland on the Bay, at Mission Bay, where we were rockin’ to The Royal Ts.. Their lead singer is Joe Rosales, who is the dad of my co-worker Monica… she told me they played “old stuff like the 50s” (I guess when you’re 22 years old you think Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean is old music)… we’ve been wanting to go all Summer to hear them play so we finally made it. And it was awesome! We went with some dear friends Tina and Dave (remember my vow to start spending more time with our treasured friendships) and had a very fun evening! They played such a great variety of music.. from Mustang Sally to Footloose and one of our favorites Sweet Home Alabama! And because it’s right on the Bay, we ended the evening watching the fireworks display from Sea World… just awesome!

The best part is that The RoyalTs is basically all family, Joe’s brother and son are also in the band and they are all a great testimony to what life is about… family and friends and giving to others. Check out their website and hire them for your next family picnic or reunion or wedding or anniversary or birthday  ~ honestly they didn't pay me to say this.... I just enjoyed them that much!!!..... I couldn’t wait to get back to work on Monday to let Monica know what a blast we had… now next time if I can just get Jerry out on the dance floor that will be perfect! ~ Good Golly Miss Molly!

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