Monday, August 23

White Paint & Team Grandpa!

We’re getting new flooring this week. The place is a mess... all the furniture crammed into one room and some out in the garage. It's like an obstacle course just to get around.. .and Jerry’s been hard at work preparing for the installers to come today. So we spent the weekend pulling up the old carpeting in the TV room and the old wood floor in the kitchen. It’s all getting replaced.. I’m so excited.. but yet again it’s an incredible amount of work for Jerry… me I’m just the gopher… or trash dumper or tool fetcher….

As you experience too I’m sure when undertaking such projects, one thing leads to another…. We’ve been meaning to paint the entry and hallways for years now so this is as good a time as any and best to do it now before we slop it on the new flooring. So last Thursday evening we buzzed out to Home Depo to “pick up some white paint”…. Do you know how many versions of white paint there are??? Ohmygoodness… I thought that would be easy… I knew I wanted more of a cream color and not just stark white. Then selecting it from nearly a one inch by one inch sample is another challenge in itself! Here’s the colors I narrowed it down to:

Glass of Milk
Willow White
Heavy Cream
Creamy White
Almond Cream

I could have saved about an hour of my life and just closed my eyes and picked one.. because honestly .. come on… when you get them up on the wall can you REALLY tell the difference?? Barely. I knew I wanted something similar to what we had or perhaps slightly darker… Now I must tell you Jerry was a sweetheart… or at least he humored me for a bit. When I finally got it down to two choices… Oyster or Talic… I told him to pick one… so Oyster it is. Whew... and the incredible thing is that when we got it home it matched exactly what we have already.. amazing!

My intent was to help him paint on Saturday.. but of course when I got home from work on Friday… the painting was done. He is amazing. Well he did save me some touch up spots around the doorways… I think just so I could say “I helped paint the hallway”….

On Saturday morning he started pulling up the existing wood floor in the kitchen… a tougher job than we planned…. So I thought it was a good opportunity to see what David happen to be doing that day.. and see if he’d be able to help his dad out a bit… Sleep deprived and sacrificing his own Saturday chores, he showed up an hour later… and the best part he brought another worker with him… Brayden with his "Team Grandpa" outfit on… it was darling! So while Jerry and David worked away and demolished the kitchen floor.. me and Brayden got to giggle and coo and tickle and smile for a couple of hours… it was awesome! Here’s Team Grandpa in action:

So next time we have another overwhelming job to do.. who ya gonna call? Team Grandpa... of course!

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