Thursday, August 12

A Taste of Heaven!

Today I attended an incredible Memorial Service.  Last week one of my dear friend’s son-in-law died in a swimming accident while attending his family reunion. Tom was a young man, devoted husband and father of five, and a man after God’s own heart. Tragic and Alarming… Yes. Tears and Sorrow…. Yes. Unfathomable ... Yes. But strange as it seems, it was inspiring, motivating, faith-building, joyful, encouraging and just down right amazing.

I was inspired by Tom’s life, though I know his wife more than him, but the stories told and lives affected drew everyone closer. Terrie, Tom’s wife spoke and the first thing out of her mouth was “I imagine this is like a taste of heaven”…. She went on to explain how loved she felt through the people in her life… and she was right. God told us life is but a mist, we all know that. It’s not for us to question when our mist ends but it will happen. It’s the people in our life at that very moment that matter most.... the relationships and love, the family and friends.

I went to encourage, but came home being the one who got encouraged. Seeing so many wonderful friends from the past… why do we let time pull us apart… so, now determined to make a date with my girlfriends from years ago… kids are grown and having their own, we all have much to share and to be grateful for… but if we don’t treasure and build those relationships now, including our relationship with God, then why would we even want to spend eternity together… let’s not waste another day…. love the one you’re with.

God’s preparing a place for us, for those that spend time with him now to come and enjoy with him forever… a special room, a favorite chair, a comforting quilt… whatever your pleasure… it’s a place where you’ll want to be.... Your chair is waiting!

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Caryl W said...

Gail...that was a very thought-provoking post and thanks for sharing.