Friday, August 27

Old Poway Park Railroad

For several years now Jerry has been volunteering at the Poway-Midland Railroad. The Volunteer Group has been around since the early '90s, but Jerry just started there about four years ago. They’re dedicated to the restoration, operation and maintenance of the antique railroad and trolley equipment in Old Poway Park.

He’s had this love of tinkering forever… so he found another good outlet for it… and at the same time is contributing to the Poway community. They not only “drive” the trains, but learn how to maintain them as well. He volunteers one Saturday a month plus nearly every Tuesday you can find him down there… especially during the school year as that is where many of the schools bring classrooms of kids on field trips.

The train operates every weekend plus they have several special events throughout the year… from Old Fashion July Fourth Celebration, to Christmas in the Park. One of the most popular events in Poway is the Poway Days in the Fall… where they hold a Rendezvous in the Park in September and in October they have several Train Song Festivals. Check out their schedule on line at PMRR. For Poway, it’s pretty much “Grand Central Station”.

Here's the crew in the last July 4th Celebration
Where's Waldo???

Once a year the City of Poway acknowledges ALL their community volunteers with a nice Recognition Dinner. Last night we were invited to this year’s event where they had a Picnic in the Park. It was really a treat where they served us a nice picnic dinner complete with entertainment by a 'pickin' and grinnin' three man band. In years past they’ve had the Recognition Dinners at the Poway City Hall grounds, and even at the Poway Performing Arts Theater. It really is a nice time when not just the Railroad volunteers are acknowledged.. but the entire City’s volunteers, from the Park Rangers to the Blue Sky Trail and CERT Rescue workers… the list is amazing.

The Railroad Park is located on Midland Road and over the years that entire area has been restored by the City. You really should go sometime to see it for yourself... of course the Hamburger Factory restaurant was probably one of the original merchants. There are also many quaint "old" shops across the way and there's a beautiful, nearly unknown, park which the train circles on it's rounds. Templer Hall, an original Poway church hall used now for anything from to Quilt Shows to Weddings, plus there's a great gazebo and beautiful water fountain in the center of the park. Also located in the park is the "oldest" house in Poway which was transferred there from the Garden Road area several years ago when it was dedicated as a Poway Historical Monument. There's a barn where blacksmiths still pound out horseshoes and cast iron tools, plus every Saturday there is a very popular Farmer's Market where you can buy fresh eggs from Ramona, avocados from Fallbrook and an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables grown locally.

It was nice just to sit there last night as the sun set, listening to the country music, having some pulled pork and potato salad with a glass of wine, enjoying conversation with fellow volunteers and just soaking in the history of Poway. No wonder it's called the City in the Country.

I’m so proud of Jerry for sharing his time with the Community.. I know many of you have seen him there with his Railroad garb on… blowing the train whistle and letting off a little steam! Come on down sometime and let him take you for a ride .....  maybe he’ll even let you toot his horn.

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