Wednesday, August 25

Speedy Recovery!

I have a dear friend who is having knee surgery today.. thus I've dedicated this Blog to her.. from my heart:

Hello my dear Suzie-Q
(the names have been changed to protect the innocent)

You've been on my heart and in my prayers all week in anticipation of  your knee surgery today. I know it's going to go well and you'll be so glad when you don't have to hobble around any longer!

I just wanted to give you some advice for today and the days that follow.. now listen to your older (not necessarily wiser) Sista.....

1) Drugs are good... don't avoid them.. if the nurse asks if you want pain medication.. don't refuse.

2) R.I.C.E ~ I'm sure the doctor's have given you some such prescription .. it goes something like this:


The real prescription is:

                     Relax totally
                     Ignore everyone
                     Cry as needed and
                     Eat whatever you want

3) Don't deny Mr. Suzie-Q his husbandly duties.... now hear me out... this means when he says "Let me do that for you" or "What would you like?" or "How can I help?" .. DON'T and I repeat DON'T say No, Never mind, It's ok or any such phrase.....  just eliminate those words right now from your vocabulary. Let him do it.

4) Feel the love.. that is coming from all your family and friends... I am confident that this will overflow into your inner core and you'll be filled with comfort and joy (of course this must be accompanied by the drugs ~ see rule #1).

5) Have a speedy recovery. We want you back asap stamping and playing and loving life together!!!


ps - I'll be over on Friday to check up on you and bring you some dinner.

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