Sunday, August 15

Have You Hugged Your Kids Today?

It’s Sunday…. One of my favorite days because my focus is to worship God. Of course hopefully every day I do that, but Sundays is a special time to give back to God and “spend time” with the one we love the most. Besides to understand someone you’ve got to spend time with them, right?

It’s been a tough week for so many... sudden deaths, tragic car accidents, disease and despair….. many have lost their lives because of it and many are still suffering. We can’t quite figure out the purpose of suffering and tend to question. But God knows; he allows it so we can be broken and become humble and remember our purpose is other focused.. it’s not all about us although we want it to be. We have to Forget what is behind and strain toward what is ahead .. toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ (Phil 3:15).

And when we do God is there with us… He stoops down to make us great…He has our name written in the palm of his hand… He’s the wind beneath our wings… He’s the perfect daddy and is the only one who can meet all our needs. I came across this video that says it all. Notice what the dad’s t-shirt says….!/video/video.php?v=139007432797147&ref=mf

I hope you can feel God's hug today.

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