Monday, August 30

Watercolor Wonder

I haven't been able to stamp for awhile now ... since putting in the new floors everything is really a mess.. but there's light at the end of the tunnel as the floors are almost done and I hope to be able to "find" all my stuff again... hope being the key word!

But in the mean time thought I'd share with you one of my new favorite Stampin' Up! stamp sets... Awash with Flowers... it's a perfect set to "watercolor" using your daubers or you can "squish" your ink pad so it leaves some ink on the plastic lid part... get a small paint brush wet and dab into the ink.. voila you can watercolor super easy!

Stamp the card using black ink, Staz On is one of the best as it won't smear when you watercolor... this will give you your basic template. Then you can use as much or little of that card to trim for your final project.

Here's one version... see how you can emphasize colors on the petals... from light to dark...

And another version... I also love that you don't have to "stay in the lines".... a true watercolor affect...

Until next time.. keep on stampin'!!!

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Caryl W said...

oh is so fun to do use the inks to do watercolor!! thanks for sharing. :)