Tuesday, August 17

Uncle Allen and the Watermelon Baby!

Back in June, when Brayden was two weeks old he made his first visit to the Reed Ranch…. So the entire family congregated together to eww and ahhh…. Jerry’s sister, Janet, thinks Brayden looks like Jerry.. wonder why? The Banners came and latched right on, in fact you’d think Brayden was their own baby they were so natural with him.... it was heart-warming. And of course "Uncle" Allen came and was beaming ear to ear…. I just love these pictures of the two of them together, the first time Allen got to hold his nephew Brayden. It was one of those memories as a mom I’ll always treasure in my heart…..

Several weeks have passed since then… Brayden has grown like a weed… Well really he’s grown to be bigger than a watermelon! Holly’s parents snapped this photo of Brayden on his visit with them… it’s soooo precious and also one of my favorites!

Maybe next summer I’ll get a picture of Brayden actually eating some watermelon!!! Can’t wait!

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