Tuesday, August 10

Let the Blogging Begin!

I've wanted to start a Blog for a long time now... so figured there's no time like the present! Since I'm just learning, I'll start with basics and go from there... will add links and more fun stuff at some point... but for now... let the blogging begin!

Jerry and I are excited (ok so maybe it's just me), anywho, we're excited to share some of our adventures with you... two ordinary empty-nesters... who are grateful to God for all we've been given over the years, from family and friends, to talents and interests, and vacations and get-aways. We have raised two wonderful young men and are so very proud of them both. I still work full time and Jerry is semi-retired from his self-employed home business.... so you know that means he's got lots of time to putz around the house... which he loves to do! One of these days I'll take the leap too, and be a stay-at-home-person with him!

In the mean time , when I'm not at work, I LOVE to rubber stamp.. .so when I am home that's usually where you can find me... unless of course I'm watching Project Runway or The Next Food Network Star!! I've been a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator for about eight years and have many stamping events with my fellow Rubba Sistas... we just can't get enough of each other... what a blessing they are to me! I'm sure most of my posts will be cards and paper projects and sharing our fun events with everyone!

Jerry loves to work around the house and yard... he generally has at least 2-3 projects going on at the same time.... most recently we're preparing to install some new flooring ...so one things leads to another... besides moving all the furniture, there's demolition first... then replacaing baseboards, painting hallways, repairing cracks.. the list goes on... and that's just inside the house!

We're recently become grandparents to Brayden Michael Reed, so we'll be posting plenty of his photos too! Brayden was born May 28th so of course our first posted picture is our little legacy... also known as Love Bug.

Isn't he just precious!!! He's 10 weeks old now so of course he's grown quite a bit... born at almost 6 pounds but now is almost 14 pounds!

And here's a picture of David with Brayden... he is such an awesome Dad. Holly bought him this shirt when Brayden was born.. on the front it says New Dad to Baby Boy Brayden and on the back it says Coming Soon to a Changing Table Near You!! .... don't ya love it!

OK so I'll leave you with that for now... Keep those cards and letters coming in!

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